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The 10 Pillar quality system

The ummi foundation quality system known as the 10 Pillar quality system is a series that can not be separated in the implementation of al-quran learning that should be applied by all ummi users to achieve quality results. The 10 pillars of quality are:

  1. Internal and External Controls.
    Internal quality control (Koord / KS in the institution) and external control of Ummi Foundation Region Kab. / Kodya as well as from the Ummi Foundation Center
  2. The ratio of teachers and students is proportional.
    The ideal ratio in learning to read the Qur'an is a teacher teaching 10 students or a maximum of 15 students
  3. Adequate time.
    The time required at least 4-5 times a week and each meeting 60-70 minutes and will be more perfect results if there is additional self-training
  4. Consistent Mastering Learning
    The expected mastery in ummi is close to 100%. Especially in volumes before tajwid and gharib. The basic principle in mastery learning is that students should only proceed to the next volume if the previous volumes are really good and fluent
  5. The target is clear and measurable
    There are clear and measurable targets of the achievement of each stage so that it is easy to evaluate its completeness
  6. Stages are good and right
    Stages in accordance with the characteristics of the object to be taught, and the stages in accordance with what areas we will teach, as well as stages in accordance with the problem the ability of people to read the Qur'an
  7. Teacher Certification
    All teachers have passed tashih and participated in training in methodology and management of learning management of Qur'an Ummi method
  8. Good Will Management
    The willingness, support and attention of the leaders of institutions or managers of learning the Qur'an
  9. Progress report of each student.
    Ummi system is created so that every student gets the best service during the learning process, so the evaluation of each student's detail every period must be done by teacher and management, either daily, weekly, monthly evaluation, binding volume, and final examination (munaqosah) students
  10. Reliable Coordinator.
    Active role and good skills in leading all resources in the institution, able to solve problems and administrative discipline is a standard that must be owned by a coordinator / head TPQ
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