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7 Program Dasar Ummi Foundation

7 basic program Ummi is the main basis applied in building Qur'ani Generation through the process of Learning Al Qur'an by using Ummi method. In addition, the program is also aimed at assisting institutions and teachers in improving the ability to manage and study the Qur'an that is effective, easy, fun and heart touching. The whole program will guarantee every teacher of the Qur'an to be able to understand the teaching methodology of the Qur'an and its stages while implementing effective classroom management.

Through the application of n7 Basic Program is expected to be the basic system that is able to guarantee every graduate SD / MI, TKQ, and TPQ can apply the Qur'an reading in tartil well.

The 7 basic programs of Ummi include:

Tashih Read Al-Quran

This program is intended to map the quality standard of reading Qur'an teacher or prospective teacher of Al Qur'an, as well as to ensure recitation of Al Qur'an teacher / prospective teacher of Qur'an that will teach method Ummi have good and tartil.


This program is conducted in order to foster reading and attitude of teachers / prospective teachers of the Qur'an until the Qur'annya good / tartil reading. Those who have passed tahsin and tashih are entitled to attend the Quran certification of Ummi Method.

Teachers Certification

This program is implemented for 3 days in order to deliver methodology how to teach the Qur'an Ummi Method, organize and manage the learning of Qur'an with Ummi Method. For teachers who graduate in this Qur'an teacher certification will get a shahadah / certificate as a teacher of the Qur'an Ummi Method.


Is a program of guidance and guidance of the quality of teaching the Qur'an in schools and institutions implementing the Ummi system so that it can realize the target of achieving quality assurance for students / students.

Supervision (Assurance and maintenance of the quality of the ummi system applied in the institution)

Is a program of assessment and monitoring the quality of teaching the implementation of the Qur'an in schools and institutions that implement the Ummi system that aims to provide accreditation for the institution.

Evaluation activities include:

  1. Number of teachers certified.
  2. Implementation of teaching and learning process in class.
  3. Standard of student learning outcomes.
  4. The number of effective days of the Qur'an (HEQ).
  5. Ratio of teachers and students.
  6. Management / teaching administration.
  7. Implementation of teacher coaching and evaluating the quality of learning

Munaqasyah (External quality control / evaluation of final results by ummi foundation)

It is a student / santri ability assessment program at the end of the lesson to determine graduation.

Materials tested include:

  1. Fashohah and Tartil Al Qur'an (juz 1-30).
  2. Read Ghoroib and his comments.
  3. The Tajwid Theory of Science and describes the laws of reading.
  4. Memorize from Al A'la to the letter of An Naas.
  5. Munaqasah include tartiles read Al Qur'an and Tahfidz (memorize) Al QUr'an, both juz 30, 29, 28, 27, as well as in juz 1 - 5

Khataman and Imtihan

Events aimed at public test as a form of accountability and gratitude, elegantly packaged, simple and involving all stakeholders at the same time is a report directly and real quality learning outcomes of the Qur'an

To parents guardian santri / community. Events include:

  1. Demo of the ability to read and memorize the Qur'an
  2. Public test of reading, rote, reading of ghoroib and basic tajwid
  3. Test of the Qur'an experts from Team Ummi with specific material scope
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