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7 stages of learning

The stages of learning the Qur'an Ummi method is a step - step teaching the Qur'an that must be done by a teacher in the process of teaching and learning, the stages of teaching this Qur'an should be executed in a row - in accordance with the hierarchy as follows :


Opening is the activity of conditioning the students to be ready to learn, followed by opening greetings and reading the opening prayer prayer Qur'an together.


Apperception is a repetition of a previously taught mystery to be associated with the material to be taught today.

Concept Planting

Planting the concept is the process of explaining the material / subject matter that will be taught today.

Understanding Concepts

Understanding is to understand to the child the concept that has been taught by training children for examples written under the subject.

Exercise / Skills

Skills or exercises is to launch a child's reading by repeating the examples or exercises on the subject or exercise page.


Evaluation is the observation as well as the assessment through the book achievement of the ability and quality of children reading one by one.


Closing is the child's conditioning to stay orderly, then read the prayer cover and end with the closing greetings from Ustadz or Ustadzah.

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