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Menikmati Menjadi Koordinator Ummi

This white cleric is named Erly Widari who works as Ummi's Coordinator at Hasbunallah Tabalong Middle School. He admitted that he enjoyed his profession very much, because he loved the Qur'an very much. As of 2016, the coordinator of the Qur'an began. Through the guidance of the former headmaster Erly became a confident figure as a teacher of recitation who had just graduated from high school. The more ways he has in dealing with various problems that arise in the middle of the journey using the Ummi method. Each grade level is different. Because it is not a simple thing to handle junior high school students who are children at puberty. The approach and handling is more to a friend, but that's the art.

There are endless stories about his students every day. Because according to him working with middle school students it is more necessary to understand the turmoil that occurs at the age of puberty in general. They will have high curiosity. In addition to the problems they face have an effect on school learning. Included in the Qur'an lessons.

Especially to those who have never known the Ummi method, he must prepare even harder, because they come from outside Hasbunallah Elementary School.

"Sometimes the students at the beginning were rather bored but were reminded by the question" what is the difference between Hasbunallah Middle School and other junior high schools? "They answered, there was a Qur'anic Ummi lesson. This question can directly recharge them, "Erly told.

Especially for those in 9th grade, they have received many activities related to UASBN. Such as UASBN Simulation, Bimbel, munaqasyah and others which caused them to be exhausted eventually became less focused.

As the coordinator of the Qur'an, Erly claimed that his responsibility was greater than when he was only a teacher of the Koran. Because he must divide the group to recite and must be clever to sort out which students are in accordance with the group. [Far]

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