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Ummi Method Standard and Sentra Method

Just four months ago, Khomsatul Walidah became Ummi's Coordinator at TK Qur'ani Hasbunallah House. He felt his responsibility increased from just being a Ummi teacher now to being a Coordinator. Not a trivial matter indeed becomes the coordinator of Ummi in kindergarten which has consumers of these officials and the upper class community. In addition, there are two qualifications for becoming a teacher at Hasbunallah Kindergarten, which must be competent in the Ummi method while teaching with the Sentra approach expertise.

The Sentra Approach is learning for early childhood that is done in a fun way through playing. Children learn about a variety of concepts. During play children get experience to develop moral, physical, motoric, language, social, emotional and artistic aspects or values. The Hasbunallah kindergarten child was no exception besides learning about this aspect was also introduced to the Qur'an and the cultivation of Islamic morality.

This Javanese teacher mother confessed that until now she continued to learn and study in the face of children who are still worth mentioning to come to play. Playing while learning, that's exactly it.

 "The character and customs of the child are truly different and we need to explore their world, we cannot force our desire to follow them. Extra patience is needed to be able to understand children's character one by one, "he explained opening the conversation.

He joined in the Qur'ani Hasbunallah Home Kindergarten in 2012, because basically he was very fond of small children. According to him by liking small children while diving into his world many experiences have been gained. Various types of children are found that require extra patience.

"One child with another is different, in dealing with it we must maintain emotions. Because if our emotions come out, it's finished. Do not let the child face wrong all need inspiration in dealing with it, "he explained.

Ida added, that the importance of instilling good morals in addition to preparing good teachings also. These are important things that have to be there since they were kids and this education must be synchronized in line with the examples given from parents at home.

Like planting habituation says excuse me, sorry, thank you and respect older people. This is very important and fundamental as a provision for them to grow up later with Islamic morality that is always maintained.

Having a boarding school education background by continuing his undergraduate education in PAUD, he acknowledged that the obstacle that is still a problem for Hasbunallah's kindergarten is the lack of teaching staff. He as the Ummi Coordinator in Hasbunallah Kindergarten always faced difficulties when placing the position of the teacher in the Koran group.

But over time, Hasbunallah Kindergarten has always provided regular guidance to new teachers. Always trying to standardize the reading recitations according to the standard reading of the Ummi method. Through coaching to teachers within 2 times a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Creativity in teaching Ummi
Kindergarten children learn from concrete things then to abstract. The use of additional creative media in teaching Ummi is very necessary. Like additional teaching aids and fun stories. Everything aims to support the Qur'anic learning atmosphere more pleasantly. Primarily it presents an atmosphere of play in the teaching of the Qur'an.

"Because if we are less diligent teachers always suppress the Qur'anic learning to children, the result is the opposite. Volume 1 is only a time consuming group for months. "Because of the lack of planting concepts and lack of pain from the teacher," he said.

Not only that, the teacher must also be able to find out and find out where the causes of the child are not. The teacher must find the cause. Because there are no children who cannot, what is there is that they have not got the right teacher to deliver, the teaching teacher is less creative and less enthusiastic. There are stages that are overlooked and not strong enough.

Ida continued, this is what always served as the task of matching the teacher to which group. By continuing to prepare the abilities of the teachers in the Ummi method.

But on the contrary, there is a feeling of happiness and great pleasure that is irreplaceable with anything, when seeing children succeed. The success that children have is the success of the teachers. Can be interpreted as the success of the teacher in conveying the correct concept to the child.

TK Rumah Qur’ani Hasbunallah will carry out the Hubbul Qur'an for the second time. For the highest this year is at the level of the Qur'an. [far]

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